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Mission statement, Vision, Principles and Objetives

To get to know who we are, there is nothing better than getting to know our projects for the future and the values that characterize us.



It is the Mission of CaCEC to promote regional Foreign Trade, providing our associated companies with a broad and growing set of services that efficiently contribute to internationalize their companies.

In the short term: “To be a leader institution representative of Foreign Trade in Córdoba, operating in a sustainable and highly professional way, providing specialized services for its associated companies, and proactively influencing the policies that define the economic dynamics of the country.”

In the medium term: “To be a strategic partner and contribute to the success of SMEs as well as of large companies, proposing innovative actions, efficient networking, and competitive intelligence, taking advantage of new opportunities and positioning Córdoba at the center of the national and international scene.”


The fundamental purpose of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Córdoba is to contribute to the economic and social progress of the region in which it is immersed by defending the principles of an economy integrated to the international markets.

For that purpose, CaCEC makes all the necessary effort to foster and support actions that lead to the growth of Foreign Trade in the Province of Córdoba.

It is the objective of the institution to collaborate and participate in the development of export initiatives, promoting Foreign Trade actions set out by small and medium size companies of every sector and regions of the province, in order to facilitate their growth and consolidation in international markets.

Besides, it supports and guides the constant improvement of the quality of products and services for export, abidined by the international standards and tendencies, and regulations related to the protection of the environment.

CaCEC struggles to improve the available regional infrastructure by incorporating technology, perfecting the regulatory framework of Foreign Trade activities, and fomenting the federalization of Foreign Trade operations and the reduction of tax pressure that affects the competitiveness of export proposals.

CaCEC makes a special effort to train and instruct human resources involved in Foreign Trade by promoting the achievement of a training excellence program in specialized human resources.

The organization of events related to Foreign Trade is one of the key activities that CaCEC carries out to consolidate the central region of the country as a reference for International Commerce.

To conclude, the role of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Córdoba is to offer its associated companies a broad and growing set of services that contribute to the achievement of the above mentioned objectives and to spread information on the export activity in order to promote the insertion of companies, specially SMEs, into the international market.

Rosario de Santa Fe 231, Piso 4º - Of. 9
CPA: X5000ACE - Córdoba - Argentina

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