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Our warehouse simplifies and reduces the cost of export and import operations. Working with it, you save the Customs Service habilitation in plant and working hours of your company’s personnel.


In the same way, you avoid investing in Maria’s system facilities, communication expenses and the necessary infrastructure to come to Imports or Exports.

Besides, the warehouse allows the issuing of small exports loads through the consolidation system to different destinations (Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Peru, among other countries).

This services are provided by different international transporting companies, enlarging their business opportunities. Seemingly, it allows the storing and consolidation of imports, enabling the companies supply.

The warehouse is located in the centre of the Industrial area and it has an important infrastructure:

· A land of10.000 m2 with covered deposits, truck parking and a wide area for maneuverings.

· A surface of 2.800 m2 for storage and goods with safe and tidy keeping guarantee.

· Equipment for the moving and storing of loads (auto elevators for different tonnage, conveyor belt, etc.)

· Truck weighing machine.

Rosario de Santa Fe 231, Piso 4º - Of. 9
CPA: X5000ACE - Córdoba - Argentina

+54 - 0351 - 4214804 / 4212715
Fax. +54 - 0351 - 4243869