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The main purpose of ISCE (www.isce.org.ar) is the education, training, and development of specialists in International Business.



· Academic Area
· Higher Education Course of Foreign Trade Technician and International Marketing
· Official certificate
· Resolution Nº 736/01 issued by D.I.P.E. (Private Educational Institutes Office)

· Extension Area
· Courses, Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences on Foreign Trade subjects.
· Direct training to local companies and institutions, in-company courses.

· Insertion in the labor market
· ISCE’s students have internship opportunities in local companies.
· Our graduates have the opportunity to work in companies that operate in the foreign trade sector.
· We have a website for students, professionals, and members of CaCEC www.iscejobs.com.ar

Rosario de Santa Fe 231, Piso 4º - Of. 9
CPA: X5000ACE - Córdoba - Argentina

+54 - 0351 - 4214804 / 4212715
Fax. +54 - 0351 - 4243869